Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Potty Training Woes

When Evans started informing me a couple months ago every time he wet his diaper I figured it might be time to bite the bullet and THINK about potty training.  I mean, I'm not going to lie, I've sort of been dreading it.  Just ask my husband, I am not a fan of public restrooms and the thought of having to constantly take a two year old into one just to make sure we avoid an accident is not all that appealing to me.  I quite enjoy the convenience of having my child pee in his pants.  That being said, I realize I can't exactly let this go on forever, not to mention the cost of diapers adds up.  So with the looming threat of this upcoming government furlough, I decided that I would step it up a notch with Evans and just see what happened.  It all started off well enough.  When prompted, Evans used the potty with minimal fuss and actually seemed very proud of himself.  He went days without having an accident (when we were home) and I really started to pat myself on the back for being such a parent extraordinaire.  Then we started to slow decline into awfulness.  It started with Evans resisting me taking him to the potty.  Then it moved to him not wanting to wear the big boy pants at all and insisting on his "elmo pants" a.k.a. his diaper.  Now just the mention of going to the potty can induce a full on meltdown.  I backed off for a couple of days.  He is only two and a half after all and let's face it, he barely learned to walk by 17 months.  After a couple of days break we are back at it and things are not exactly going well.
I am pretty sure that we aren't getting anywhere.
And that my only child now hates me.  So we are sort of at a stalemate.  Deaner asks me every couple of days how the potty training is coming.  Yesterday I suggested that he take Evans to the potty when he got home from work and I was slightly satisfied when Evans went wet noodle on him, making it impossible.  The situation is not improved by the fact that tried and true bribery no longer seems to work.  Do you want FOUR M&M's?  NO.  Do you want a new Lightening McQueen?  NO.  Do you want some money?  NO.  Y'all catch my drift.
I think maybe I should start looking into other ways to save money each month.  It looks like we might be "elmo pantsing" it for awhile.


Anonymous said...

I love you, I love this post, I'm in the same spot. Totally sending this to my husband! Hugs

Anonymous said...

I love you, I love your post & I'm totally going through the same thing. I'll be passing this along to the husband.

Chubs said...

Hey - Was wondering when you would post again as these are generally very amusing. Getting to read the last two at once was a real treat. If it makes you feels any better, the high in ATL yesterday was 42 I think and there was a 25 mph wind most all day. It was HORRIBLE.

Heidi said...

Happened to pop on to your blog and the potty training caught my eye. I like you dreaded potty training and knew that they would train themselves by school time. How many kindergarteners do you see in diapers? Started at the same age as you and did not have much luck. The way I hear the most success with boys is one day in the bathroom with books and snacks, no clothes just living in the potty moment. Good Luck!

Rachel said...

Yikes. And this is why I never want kids. Best of luck to you!

Lorie Gel Ferrer said...

My son is 18 months old, I started potty training him when he was a year old but I stopped trying after a while because 1. he doesn't poop everyday 2. there is no pattern to his routine (time varies every time) 3. he won't sit still in his potty chair 4. he hides and stay quiet when he wants to go and he will just say "popo" when he's already done so it's always too late to rush him to the potty chair. Your post is really good :)