Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Incident.........

Behold.  This obsessive complusive's best friend.  It's no Dyson but this trusty LG has been with me for the last three years and was a very welcome relief after my old German pull behind that it replaced.  Unfortunately tomorrow this old friend goes to the dump.  Yesterday afternoon as I was settling onto my comfortable bed to read my book while Evans napped (my very favorite time of day) I could not have been more relaxed.  Unfortunately the dust bunnies underneath my bedroom dresser caught my eye and God knows my blood pressure wasn't going to return to normal until I had vacuumed those suckers up.  You'd think that as experienced of a vacuum cleaner that I am, the rookie mistake I made would never have happened.  In a fit of using my attachment nozzle to get all the way to the wall I accidentally ran over the cord, which was promptly sucked up into the motor and chewed to shreds.  But not before the vacuum blew up, made an awful noise and shorted out the electricity in our whole house.  I think I just stood there in disbelief, amidst a cloud of dust and dirt, for several minutes while surveying the damage.  Here were my thoughts, in order, in the following seconds.
1.  Oh my god, what just happened?

2.  Oh my god, there is dirt ALL over the room, all over my face, in my eyes AND in my clean hair.

3.  Holy s*#t, I think my vacuum cleaner is a goner.

4.  Why are all the lights in the house off?

5.  Did every single piece of dirt just land back on my bedroom carpet?

6.  What in the world am I going to do?

7.  We cannot afford to buy ANOTHER vacuum cleaner.

8.  Deaner is going to kill me.

So after the dust settled (literally) I was able to collect my thoughts.  I hauled the old German pull behind vacuum out of the basement only to find that it didn't work either.  Awesome.  I resorted to a broom and a dust pan and SWEPT my carpet.  Even more awesome.  When I was finished, I hauled both broken vacuums back downstairs to be loaded into the car for the dump.  Then it dawned on me that I hadn't flipped the breaker yet which would explain the German vacuum not working.  I think the dust really affected my brain.

I'm trying to put the incident behind me.

If anyone can convince my husband to buy me a new vacuum...........I'd be much obliged.


Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Well tell him not to be TOO mad, you were vacuuming after all! Points for that! And also, I'm impressed you didn't worry about Evans waking up. I think that would have been my first thought.

Anonymous said...

Nothing sucks like an Electrolux!

LifeofAeh said...

I like the comical note you put into this, made for a good read. the hubby should understand!

Chubs said...

Cool story. Tell it again, bro.