Thursday, February 7, 2013

American Idol

Ok.  It is taking a lot for me to even admit that I have been watching this show.  I think it sort of proves how slim the pickings are over on this side of the pond but none the less, Deaner and I have been tuning in via British Sky Satellite.  I have to say that my attention is more than likely going to start dwindling now that the "tryout" stage of the competition is over because once the singers are "decent" there isn't very much that is fun about this show.  Just a few observations from me thus far this year.....

1.  Randy Jackson (give or take 100 pounds) is exactly the same as ever.

2.  Not that I have ever paid that much attention to Mariah Carey in my life but when did her boobs get to be the size of boulders?  She must have an aching back at the end of every day.

3.  I am pretty sure Ryan Seacrest has gotten tinier.  I think I could fit him in my pocket.

4.  Who is Nicki Minaj?  I mean, where did she come from?  I've never even heard of her and she sounds like Fran Drescher.  All that being said, she is like the only funny judge on the show.  Her commentary cracks me up along with her absurd outfits.  EEK!

5.  Keith Urban is kind of a pansy.  I'm just saying.  I wish he would stop singing along with these contestants tryouts.  It's THEIR time to shine.  You already have four grammies.

6.  This next statement goes for all the judges.  This is an issue every. single. year.  There is no such thing as 110%.  There is no such thing as 1,000%.  There is no such thing as 1,500,394,398%.  I will never understand this.  100% is as high. as. it. goes.

7.  It had to have been a joke that they let that woman thru last week that sang the National Anthem.  I still don't get it.  Anyways.

I guess that is all I have to say about American Idol.  Frankly, it is more than I ever thought I would have to say about it ever in my whole life.  I suppose I have another week or so before I completely stop watching it.  In other news, Evans has finally gotten the hang of the German Monkey Joe's-like indoor playground.
Since Monkey Joe's in Atlanta nearly killed me a year ago I'm always hesitant to bring Evans to the German version, Rambazamba.  Especially since I am right there with him climbing up these structures lest someone get stuck up at the top (not me).  But at our birthday party on Tuesday, Evans finally grasped the concept and was happy to do everything by himself.  THANK GOD.
I can't wait to take him back next week now that I can pull up a chair and watch.  Leave the strep for the child!
Anyplace that insures a three hour afternoon nap is worth the chance!  Happy Thursday!


Unknown said...

that action shot on the slide is AWESOME!!!
rambazamba? great name...

Shannon said...

Love the 100% point. So true!

Chubs said...

Regarding the 100%, I have a similar irritant - people who say, "I could care less." The phrase is "I couldn't care less." You know, it means, "I care so little about what you are saying, doing, or talking about, that it is actually impossible for me to care any less. I care the least amount possible.

So when did idiots start saying "I could care less?" If you could, in fact, care less about something, then that means you actually do care a certain amount. Otherwise, how could you care less?

Seriously, I think about 90% of people pay absolutely no attention to what they are saying in casual conversation. But then, I couldn't care less about those people.