Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Again Home Again

Jiggity jig!!! We made it to Atlanta safely! I was pretty nervous to be flying with Evans for the first time without Deaner but everything went smoothly. We flew home with my inlaws and Evans and I had the bulkhead seats with plenty of room. Would you believe that Evans didn't make a peep the entire flight? Seriously, the kid was perfect. He smiled, laughed and slept. All the flight attendants fawned all over him and things could not have gone more smoothly. Evans of course had all his worshippers waiting on him in Atlanta! We had a constant stream of visitors yesterday to pay a visit to the little Prince! First his great aunt and Godmother, Jennifer, Uncle Thomas and cousin baby Thomas came over.Baby Thomas wasn't exactly sure what to make of Evans. Mainly he was just upset that Evans got a binky and he didn't!Aunt Amelia could hardly wait to get her hands on him either. So far she has only been able to see him on Skype!Our good family friend's, the Edwards, stopped by for a visit.
Followed by Evans' Gleaton cousins!!Everyone seemed really happy to meet him! Today promises more visitors and more cuteness by Evans. We had a semi rough night but I suppose that is to be expected when you bring a 3 month old half way across the world. Evans was up several times last night but I am hoping he will become more adjusted today. We have skyped with Daddy already twice and I know that he is REALLY missing his baby boy. Thank goodness for Skype. Alrighty, time to hit up the grocery store and stock up on formula! We are happy to be home!! Maybe now I will have more time to blog!! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Picture Update

Pictures are better than nothing, right? Deaner's parents arrived today and will be with us for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to a week of sightseeing, catching up and of course THANKSGIVING!! This year I have 8 for dinner and I am really looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. I love cooking for others and if it is anything like last year, it will be a blast. The only sad part is that our friends Steph and Jon will be in Oklahoma this year!! Boo!! We will definitely miss them. I might also be walking on a cloud because one week from today I will be back in the States showing off my baby! I could not be more excited. Not only will I have a fun week here, I then get to go home! Of course I will miss Deaner A LOT and I know that he will miss us but it just made sense to do things this way. I have too many friends and too much family that want a piece of Evans to only be home for 3 weeks. And let's be honest, with the past month and a half that I have had, it will be nice to have some help at home. I am STILL being treated by my doctor twice a week for my c-section "wound" (I know it sounds like I have been shot or something) and this upcoming week will be my last! I am almost completely healed and right now the treatments are just precautionary. Don't want to take any risks! I have officially been seen by my doctor more times SINCE I have had Evans than when I was pregnant with him. So much for my easy pregnancy!!

Anyways, I thought I would update my blog with some pictures of my precious baby boy. Evans is so great that I can't even say enough about him. He sleeps when he is supposed to, he eats when he is supposed to and laughs at all the point inbetween. He makes me smile. I know he is going to make my parents smile when we get home! Here is Evans getting an EKG at his second doctor's appointment! He didn't seem to mind at all! Too bad he didn't know that the shots were coming!My perfect baby.On a walk with daddy.His new monster hat.Helping with the laundry!This is what happens when Deaner dresses the baby to go on a walk. Seriously? Both these outfits are OUTRAGEOUS!What's up??Evans finds his tongue. And continues to lick everything around!The cutest baby lamb after his bath!Super happy in his carseat.And finally, Evans favorite place to take a nap. Please excuse my unshowered self!That is all for now. Time for me to get in bed and give up on this Ole Miss v. LSU game. Sometimes it is just best to give up on a season. It is better for your health. Plus, I'm finally reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and that is WAY more entertaining than this football game. I hope that everything is good with everyone in blog land. I always claim that I am going to be better about the blogging but the truth is that I tend to choose sleep/napping over it on most days. Maybe once I get home next week and have several days of undisturbed sleep while my mom watches Evans, I'll be better. A six week vacation home is JUST what the doctor ordered! Happy Saturday!