Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

Have I bragged enough about the fact that I was done with my Christmas shopping weeks ago? Because if I haven't, let me take a moment and toot my horn a little bit. This year I was determined not to get stuck spending a million dollars at the last minute and scurrying around picking up last minute stuff. We have a big family and that means TONS of gifts to purchase each year. For those who don't know me, I love buying gifts and I really like for it to be something that I think the gift getter will really like. And that means that I run out of ideas OFTEN. This year I think that I did really well. We had to buy for a grand total of 14 different people and 4 white elephant gifts. The only thing that I have left to pick up is two of the white elephant gifts and I already know what I am going to get. This doesn't include the shopping that we do for each other! Yikes! This year the vast majority of what I bought has been shipped to my parent's house and I will wrap everything when we arrive home before Christmas. That is really my favorite part! The only sad thing is that this year we have a big house and a fantastic tree and I will have NO gifts to put under it since they have all already been shipped to the U.S.! Oh well!

Last Friday we went with Deaner's parents and picked out a Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun and thankfully we didn't have the same incident with the tree on top of the Jeep as I did with the bed. It all got home in one piece and we didn't even have to stop on the Autobahn to re-secure it! It was exciting to pull out all the Christmas ornaments because at the end of last year I bought a TON of ornaments at Pier One on sale and I had forgotten how cute they all were. I also got to put our new Christmas Weinachts Pyramid out that we bought in Rudesheim this summer. Here is what the finished product looked like!Sorry the pictures aren't the highest quality but I took them with my iphone. And don't get me started on the colored lights. Deaner and I have this argument (nothing huge) over what kind of lights are going to go on the tree. I always want all white and he always wants all colored. This year I told him that being the fantastic wife that I am, I would concede and he could have the colored lights. That and that we already had the colored lights and I couldn't find any all white ones and I was sick of shopping that day! :) So, I think it turned out pretty good. We wanted to get it up early so that we could enjoy it before we leave to go home on the 17th! Two weeks from tomorrow we will be on a plane home! I really can't wait to get there! I haven't been counting the days as closely as I did this summer but I am definitely excited.

Today was relatively uneventful. Steph and I met at Ikea to shop but I found NOTHING that I had to have. I was looked for some frames but the sizes didn't fit right and I wasn't really into forcing it to work. I also grocery shopped. I'm in a serious food funk lately and need some new ideas for dinners during the week. Any suggestions welcome! Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!


Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I love your tree! Real trees have so much personality!

miasmom said...

haha ... i am the same way with colored lights ... at least you did not have to put on the big ones! lol.

EmilyB said...

Go ahead and toot away, girl :) PLUS you'll have cool European gifts this year too -- total bonus!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The tree looks great!

New Girl on Post said...

I shipped all the gifts I bought to my parent's house too. I was not carting them in my suitcase with me!

As far as easy food to cook during the week. How about taco soup? Or stir fry? Both easy and healthy.

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Chubs said...

Wow - Now you can even get spam on Blog comments.

I was just checking in. It looks to me like you have stopped blogging in favor of Facebook. Wah. I refuse to have a Facebook account. I think it turns you into one of those pod people like in the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."