Monday, December 7, 2009

10 DAYS!!!!!!

10 days from now I will be about 3 hours from touching down at Hartsfield Internation Airport in Atlanta to start our Christmas vacation! I seriously can't wait. I just have to take a deep breath and relax though because the whole trip is starting to stress me out. We already have plans for the first 9 nights that we are home and I'm starting to get unnerved about all the running around that we are going to have to do. I guess that is just the way it goes when you live in another country and have limited time to come home. I've already had to rearrange time to see friends etc and I just hope that everything works out. I know once we get there things will be okay but thinking about them right now gets me worked up.

Things have been pretty boring around here lately. I even contemplated starting to pack today but figured that would be dumb because I would have nothing to wear until we went home if I did that! I feel like time is standing still and next Thursday will never get here!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Deaner and I decided yesterday that we would make some Christmas cookies. I don't really LOVE Christmas cookies but Deaner likes all things having to do with Christmas so I was happy to do it. On our way out of the commissary I saw this.Dear Honda Accord Owner,
You might not know this but there are European plates that are made to fit American plates holders. Yes, there is actually a license plate that would have fit your car and would allow people like me to pass it by without thinking anything of it. This just looks retarded.

Sincerly, Concerned Citizen

After making a disaster in the kitchen I was surprised that the cookies turned out at all!! Here is a picture of one of my batches and one of Deaner's batches.
Can anyone tell which one is my batch and which one is Deaner's batch? I'll give you a hint. I like things to be a bit more simple than Deaner does. :)

Today I had to go get my finger prints taken for my substitute teacher application. (I am pretty sure at the rate we are going I will never have a chance to sub before school lets out for the summer) Of course I showed up around 11:40 and was informed that the person in charge had just left for lunch and wouldn't be back until after 1pm. 1pm?!!! Who gets to take a lunch break that long and completely close their office??? Must be nice to work for the government! Luckily Deaner came over to meet me for lunch and it wasn't hard to waste the time. Now I am just waiting for him to get home from the gym so we can have dinner! Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


Brittney said...

I made cookies last night and my kitchen was a mess too! Your cookies turned out really cute!

Nicole Dever said...

Saw The Blind Side last night and thought of you and your love for Ole Miss! You should see it when your stateside if you haven't already! Nicole

The Pink Chick said...

Yay for Christmas vacation! Wishing you a fun vacation and safe travels!!!

Anonymous said...

Now don't you eat any of those cookies.......!

Ashley Turner said...

Cookies look great! I too am counting the days till I land in America (Home Sweet Home) for Christmas! I hope you have a great trip!!! xo

susanne said...

WOW - Your first Christmas Cookies look great!! Hooray for Christmas vacation!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those cookies are too cute! That's great that you only have a little bit longer till you get to go home!