Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And That Was Just The Beginning

I met Deaner (he is my fiance but you won't hear me use that word often, it reminds me of the Seinfeld episode "maybe the dingo ate your feee-an-say") on New Year's Eve in 2005. I was living in a real life sorority house in Midtown with three other girls and we had several friends over for cocktails before going out for the night. A girlfriend of mine was dating a guy at that time and Deaner came along with them to our house. After ringing in 2006 together we went out the following week and have been together since. I have had more fun in the past three years and can't imagine my life going any other way. Being a typical girl, I always wondered when I would find that person and have the fairy tale forever after, and I am thankful everyday that it came in the form that it did.

We got engaged on July 25th of this past year. Having just come back from a 10 day trip in Europe together where I was HOPING to get engaged I was not expecting to come home from a day at the office to a proposal. I should have known it was coming but stupidly I did not. When I got home from work on a Friday afternoon there were flowers, wine, and an awkward Deaner getting down on one knee. You always dream of getting engaged and how it will be perfect but gosh, how weird it feels in real life! I was so nervous! Really, I was much more smoothe in my daydreams!

About 5 minutes after the actual proposal Deaner told me that he had to tell me something. Now what in the world could he possibly need to tell me that is so important that he needs to tell me while we are deciding who to call and tell first!?! As it happens, he told me that my sister was getting engaged the same night! What are the chances? Hold on, it gets better, her fiance? The same guy I mentioned above that introduced me to Deaner. We set him up with my sister after things didn't work out with the girl I was friends with. My lucky dad! Two weddings in five months, a son who started college in the fall, and a tanking economy! Seriously though, I am thrilled for my sister and I can't wait to have A as a brother-in-law. My only regret is that I will be half way around the least I have a built in reason to come home so soon!