Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marriage and Pistol License

After being warned by multiple people not to wait until the last second to get our marriage license we decided to run by the Courthouse the Tuesday before Christmas. I didn't think that it would be a huge ordeal and I have to say that the city of Decatur made it quite easy. We had been to visit Deaner's grandparents that weekend in Virginia and we were each given a crisp twenty dollar bill for Christmas. Typically we would have thrown the cash in our "kitty" (which is really a giant plastic Ole Miss beer bottle) and saved it for our next vacation, however, it dawned on me while we were driving home that Deaner's grandparents have been married for more than 60 years. That is longer than some people live! So what better way to spend our $40 than on our marriage license! What a great blessing to have our marriage license given to us by two people who have been married for 62 years. If Deaner and I live to be married for 62 years he will be 94 years old and I will be 90. It's a long shot but we will see!

The point of this post is to share a tidbit that gave me a pretty good laugh. I am still mad at myself that I didn't have a camera with me but apparently some others before me thought it crazy enough to capture for themselves and I didn't have any trouble finding a photo online. The room where couples obtain their marriage license just so happens to be housed in the same room where one can obtain a pistol license. WHAT? Does anyone else think this is odd? Is this only in the Decatur, GA courthouse or has anyone see this anywhere else? I wonder if anyone has actually gone and gotten a marriage license AT THE SAME TIME that they picked up a pistol license? The innuendo is hilarious. That is definitely some one stop shopping! A person can marry their spouse (legally) and shoot them (well the gun would be legal) all with a visit to room B190! Deaner thought that it was hilarious to repeatedly tell me that he might pick up a pistol license, just in case. I am sure that the people working in that office haven't heard that one before! It's really too bad that we only had $11 leftover after paying for our marriage license and the pistol license was $42.25. Darn!

All and all the sign made for a humorous experience. I am sure that it will continue to draw chuckles for as long as both of those licenses' can be obtained in the same room. I recommend bringing a camera if you are ever heading in this direction.


Anonymous said...

That made me cry.........That was sweet.........Rirrard Dean Dean's Mom.........!

Bethell Family said...

ok I have not read this because it is a lot of words and my eyes are really tired but i just laughed out loud when i saw that sign! CLASSIC!!! I am SO happy you took a photo of that!! I promise i will read the rest of this though haha.