Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, Finally?

Could it be?  Are we actually outdoors without winter coats and hats?  It seems that we might have turned the corner here in our little corner of the world.    For the past three days we have actually seen temps above 70 degrees accompanied by actual sunshine.  Sunday we got a bike ride along the Rhein in to visit our favorite babysitter who was working at the wine stand a few towns over from where we live.  Of course Evans didn't understand that she was supposed to be working and not doting on him but eventually he had a good time running around.  Believe it or not, I should have put him in a short sleeve shirt and our Master's Sunday might have been nicer than the one spectators watched in Augusta!

My car has been in the shop now for nearly three weeks.  Just one of the really fun things that we get to deal with overseas when an essential car part is out of stock or backordered.  If you ask me, I don't really think a radiator is necessary but the experts on the base do not agree.  Therefore, my car has been sitting there since April 3rd.  Today is the 18th.  You do the math.  Since Evans was on Spring Break last week we really did a whole bunch of not leaving the house.  Our neighbors commented last weekend that they were afraid that Deaner had killed me since they hadn't laid eyes on me in a week.  I'm so glad they came over to check on me!  By Friday I was actually feeling really bad for the boring week that Evans had to endure so we took a little adventure on the train to visit Daddy at work.  Nothing super exciting but I'd say after a week of excitement deprivation, he thought it was the greatest thing on earth.
I've been able to use this choo-choo train experience as leverage all week long for using the big boy potty and it's working like a charm.  Thankfully just the promise of a ride on the "mama choo-choo" is enough to encourage him.  (passenger trains = mama choo-choo's and cargo trains = dada choo-choo's, don't ask me why)

Deaner got off of work early yesterday and after picking him up at work (this whole one car thing is for the birds) we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning off our back patio and having dinner outside.
This morning I am nursing the blisters on my hands from sweeping and gazing out the window as debris is raining down onto the patio.  Might be time to invest in a leaf blower/vacuum.  So I guess I am off to play with Evans outside while the sun lasts.  Deaner just let me know that the radiator for my car came in this morning but that we can't get an appointment to have it replaced until Tuesday.  The same day we are supposed to go to Belgium.  Sigh.  One of these days I will have a functioning car again!  Happy Thursday everyone!