Monday, November 7, 2011

Accidental Overdose

I can hardly remember all the way back to 14 months ago when Evans was this small. Seems hard to believe that we brought him home from the hospital and it was only a little over a year ago. This is a picture of him on the day we came home from the hospital. Shortly before the accidental overdose. At least that is what I like to think of it as (especially since it wasn't nearly as serious as an actual overdose!). On the way home the the hospital Deaner and I stopped at the commissary to pick up some formula since it was clear at that point I would not be breastfeeding. I couldn't get out of the car and Deaner was sent inside to pick out formula before making our way home. When we got home Deaner fixed E a bottle with his new formula and we were both relieved and excited when he gobbled it down with no problem. No problem until he promptly projectile vomited it all over me 5 seconds later. If this happened to be today by an infant I probably wouldn't think anything of it but as new parents we were frantic. What could have POSSIBLY caused this throw up?! Deaner got very quiet as he read the back of the formula can and realized that we had in fact, just fed our infant concentrated formula. We can laugh about the accidental overdose now since it wasn't serious and Evans did fine as soon as we actually watered down his formula like we were supposed to.

Fast forward to present day. Evans has had a cough for the past couple of days and while he is not coughing a lot, it doesn't sound good when he does. I called the pediatrician's office on Friday like any good mother would and talked to the nurse about it. She said that I could give him half a teaspoon of children's benedryl at night to help with the coughing. She made sure to explain that children's benedryl wasn't on the shelf right now at any drug store so I would have to buy generic brand. No problem. Friday night I ran into Publix before we went out to dinner. Searching searching searching for the children's benedryl to no avail on the medicine aisle. I resorted to asking the pharmacist if I was blind and just couldn't find it or was there really not any there. She informed me that I needed to look on the aisle with children's products like diapers and wipes ect and she told me that the box was pink and white. I found it immediately but when I read the back it very clearly said not to give it to children under the age of 4. Back up to the pharmacy to ask AGAIN only to be assured that if my pediatrician said 1/2 a teaspoon that it was fine. I bought the medicine and left.

Now, here is where things become slightly unclear. Has anyone else ever been the victim of buying shampoo and conditioner in the store, only to get home and realize that one of the bottles has actually MORPHED while in your shopping bags and you actually have bought two shampoos or two conditioners? This used to happen to me all the time before I started buying my shampoo and conditioner by the liter. Anyways, when it came time for bed and I was getting ready to give Evans a dose of Benedryl I was reading the back directions just incase. My attention caught on the warning that you should not consume this medication with any alcoholic beverages. Hmmmm, I thought, why would they write that on the back of a CHILDREN'S medication? Like a child would be boozing it up (I don't make it a habit of letting Evans drink, I do have standards). Then I looked at the label and realized that no where on it could I find were it indicated that this was a children's medication. I called upstairs to my mom to throw me down the box that it came in. Sure enough, it was plain old adult benedryl. WHA??? I stood in the grocery store for 15 minutes inspecting this medicine and I asked the pharmacist about it not once, but TWICE. I even picked it up from the baby product's aisle. I was so annoyed. There is only one explanation and that is that the children's benedryl that I picked up and paid for, clearly morphed while I was in the car on the way home into adult benedryl. Humph. Cue a trip to Walgreen's by Buddy who did manage to buy a non-morphing children's benedryl for Evans.

This weekend was pretty busy for us. I had a wedding to go to on Saturday afternoon but had to be home Saturday night because Buddy and Susie had a night wedding. Got to watch the Alabama v LSU game and was very pleased by the outcome. Sunday morning we met Uncle Andy (who Evans can say his name now pretty clearly!) and Aunt Mimi for breakfast at Waffle House. Evans is on a diet and chose to eat lightly with bacon, sausage, cheese grits, cheese hashbrowns and waffle with syrup.Looking at this picture now, I am less stunned about what Evans is eating than I am about how I let him go into public wearing a Colonel Reb sweatshirt after the horrific show that Ole Miss put on against Kentucky on Saturday. Pathetic. Really? Kentucky? Call me fair weathered but I've had it with the Rebels and it might be time to hang up the sweatshirt until they are a bit more worthy. Sunday afternoon I managed to sneak away to get a pedicure and Evans and Buddy sent me this picture while I was relaxing.It's a good thing I am not an uptight mother. That is for sure. Not only is Evans dressed in an outfit of solid navy blue which makes it look like he is wearing a unitard but he is also BUNGEE CORDED into the wagon. Not exactly what I had in mind when I mentioned I wanted to get him a radio flyer. :)

Tomorrow is a big day for us so y'all will have to stay tuned to hear all about how the first day of school goes! I am hoping that E's pack back and lunch box will arrive in the mail today so that he can look EXTRA smart as he heads off to practice his shapes, counting, directional adjectives and saying "please" and "thank-you". If his teacher mentions anything about a lack of ability I've already decided to respond with "What? That is weird, he can normally do ALL those things when we are at home"! I think it will be a good day and I will be sure to take pictures. Happy Monday!


susanne said...

Let's just be happy Buddy didn't break out the DUCT TAPE.

Marci said...

LOL! The unitard comment and the bungee cord cracked me up! Love it!