Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ok, who else has been to see this show? My mom and went to the Fox on Tuesday night because my aunt was kind enough to get us free tickets. I've never been a huge fan of musicals (despite seeing quite a few of them) but the music to Wicked always catches my attention when they air commercials on the radio. I have not read the book and shockingly enough (no one is going to believe me) I have never seen The Wizard of Oz. Yes, I know that is very weird and almost impossible to imagine but I can say that it had no bearing on my understanding the storyline. While I really did enjoy the show I have a few things to say about it/the experience.

1. Why do those actors and actresses have to sing SO LOUD? I know that I was in the first couple of rows but I am pretty sure that they could be heard in the next county. I mean, take it down a notch and the audience might actually be able to understand what you are saying ALL the time. Maybe I just have sensitive ears but I found myself on more than one occasion discreetly plugging my ears because I was fairly certain my ear drums were about to rupture. I know that I could NOT have been the only one.

2. I know that we are technically in a "theatre" but lets be honest. This was an 8pm showing on a Tuesday night. Your satin floor length ball gown is a bit over the top. I like to see people look spiffed up just as much as the next person but I bet I was more comfortable in my completely appropriate dark jeans and sweater top. Men in suits are fine because I choose to think they came directly from work (against their will) and did not have time to change their clothes but I know you didn't go around wearing that number all day long. I couldn't get over some of the dresses I saw. Moving on.......

3. This is a legitimate question here. I'm not being ugly. Who buys t'shirts and souvenirs from these shows? And why? There were people there toting around SHOPPING BAGS full of Wicked paraphernalia. The only thing inside the Fox that I had the urge to purchase was alcohol and perhaps a pair of ear plugs, had they been available, to dampen the decibels a bit.

4. During the curtain call and while everyone was giving the actors/actresses a standing ovation for a great performance, the man that actually played the Wizard of Oz hushed and silenced all the clapping and cheering to give a speech about an AIDS charity they would be collecting money for after the show. Look, I love a good cause but these seats were $156 a piece and I can't imagine people enjoyed being hit up for cash on the way out the door after an already expensive evening. I'm just saying. I went out the side door.

5. Finally, if no one has ever warned you, you will freeze nearly to death inside the Fox if you do not come prepared for the arctic. Fortunately, I've made that mistake before and it will never happen again.

All in all it was a nice evening out and the show was really very good. If you are a fan of musicals, this is one to see. Even I have found myself singing the songs in my head all day today. I do not understand how these performers can sing that loudly and that long EVERY night and never lose their voices. Pretty unbelievable. The story was great and while I have never read the book I would probably recommend it to somebody else. After hearing it sung, I will probably pass..........


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

1. We need to get you a new blog design!

2. I must say I somewhat disagree with you on two points. (Rare and odd. We typically agree about everything!)
A. I think if you are going to a show at night, you dress up. Floor length formal? No, but not jeans either. I think it's one of the few "occasions" we have left for dressing up.
B. I bought a witch hat shaped umbrella at Wicked in London and I love that thing. I love how obnoxious it is and how it makes little kids scared of me. :)