Monday, May 23, 2011

Fake Followers?

Are there such thing? I have a sneaking suspicion that some of mine are fake?! Gasp!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy 400th!

Happy 400th post to me! I know they have been few and far between lately but we got there. The weather in Germany has made a miraculous turn around over the past month and we have actually had multiple days and stretches of sunshine. With temperatures above 70. Beware, I'll probably start complaining about the lack of AC soon! At least this summer I am not a huge pregnant blimp! It is hard for me to believe that Evans will be 9 months old next week. He continues to be the best baby alive (and I swear I am not the only one who thinks this). He has mastered sitting up in the past month (we were a bit slow on that) and he seems to be nowhere near crawling or standing up. I am not sure he knows that his legs exists as he draws them up every time I try to make him stand. While some parents might be freaking out about this lack of advancement, I continue to be happy that in a 4 story house with marble floors thru out, my child is still basically immobile. Ask me again in a few months and I might be more concerned.

Some of our favorite things to do these days are to watch Elmo. And particularly, only the Elmo about Flowers, Plants, Trees, Bananas and Hair. I changed the video last week and he cried. How in the world can he possibly know the difference?Playing with Baby Sophie. We especially like to try and swipe her binky straight from her mouth.Playing in his bedroom with anything he can get his hands on.And watching the laundry go round and round in the washer while Mama folds the clean clothes.And especially walking down to the river and the wine stand on most pretty days! Please disregard that in this picture, someone (Daddy) did not bother changing him out of his PJS shirt.When the sun comes out in Germany, Germans drop everything they are doing, migrate to the river, and take off their clothes. I'm not lying. Last time I was down there there was a lady lying spread eagle in the grass with her bike tipped over next to her. Like the sun had come out and she immediately fell off her bike to enjoy the rays.That is all for now. I have made myself late for lunch by posting this but hopefully it is worth it. More to come, I hope........

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am in love with this photograph. I want to stare at it all the time! I have the sweetest boy in the world. And a fantastic photographer and friend, Jessica Ceason! I love you both!!