Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're Alive.....Barely

You know how people always tell you that when you have a baby you are basically trading in your sleep? I thought all those people were full of bologna (which really SHOULD be spelled bologny) when I first had Evans. I mean, I was tired, but I wasn't THAT tired and then the kid slept through the night at 7 weeks old. What more could I ask for? Having a baby was, dare I say, easy? Evans the perfect angel.

Then I got the flu. The kind where I was pretty sure I had one foot in the grave already. I swear, I haven't been that sick since I moved into the dorm my freshman year of college. I don't even care to tell you how long ago that was. I truly thought death was coming to take me, and I was okay with that. Cause death meant I didn't have to have that stinking flu anymore! Then I got better. And Evans got sick. That perfect angel baby? Out the window.

If I could have volunteered to have the flu for 3 more weeks and kept my child from getting sick, I would have. Because there is NOTHING worse than having a sick baby. Oh wait, there is........having a sick baby that is cutting two bottom teeth at the same time. There. Nothing is worse than that. Since last wednesday, 6 days ago, we have been to the doctor 4 times. At least our pediatrician is hot. Poor Evans has had bronchial pneumonia and at first, wasn't able to even keep down his medicine. Or his food. Or his bottle. Wait, I should also mention, Deaner was out of town. So here I am coming off 5 days of the worst flu of my life, and I'm dealing with pitiful Evans. Every time I would lay him down in his crib he would start coughing so hard that whatever was in his stomach would come up. His doctor played around with the idea of having him admitted to the hospital so he could receive his medicine via shots. Thankfully the throwing up stopped.

Now here we are 6 days later and still doing 3 breathing treatments a day. We saw the pediatrician this morning and he added yet another medication to the breathing nebulizer because E was still wheezing. On the whole, we are on the mend. Evans is still up multiple times a night and it is starting to wear on me, but at least he is getting better. I'm hoping that in another week we are WELL. I'm also hoping that E doesn't kick over his new bottle of cough medicine because it makes for a long night without it. Even if you can manage to wring some out of the bathroom bathmat!

Oh yeah, during all this I also hosted Steph's baby shower! It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to share some picture with y'all. Just not right this second. I have a fabulous looking stew on the stove and I'm waiting on Deaner to get home from the gym. This is the first week since we returned to Germany in January that he has been home all week. I love it when he is here but have to say that sleeping horizontally in the bed is MUCH more comfy! :) Tomorrow I will play catch up and post some pictures! Sorry mom, you will just have to deal with this post not having any!


susanne said...

I am sorely disappointed.

alex said...

like the pictures in your blogs... looks like you were a traveler.. you have gone to different places...
keep it up..

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Majid Ali said...

Good read.

Lyndsey said...

Totally random, but.... I am back living in Oxford and want to get involved in AAC. I know Emory is involved. Could you get me in contact with her?? I would appreciate it SO much! I love reading your blog. Thanks!
Lyndsey (Ward) Wade