Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Learn Something New Every Day

I am definitely a believer in the above statement, especially since I had Evans. Things here in Germany are going well. Evans and I are adjusting to each other and to not having any company in our house for the first time in a month. It is bittersweet for sure. I LOVED having extra sets of hands around to help out and to keep me company but I know it was time for us to get on a routine and settle into each other. We are doing well and Evans continues to be the best baby ever. He isn't much of a crier and is generally pretty happy. He played by himself on his playmat yesterday morning for over 40 minutes! Last night was his first night in his own crib and he slept 6 hours straight. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Leaves me wondering if my next child will be the devil?? So back to the above statement.....this morning I sterilized all Evans' bottles and bottle parts by dipping them in a pot of hot hot water on the stove. Fast forward. Got Evans up from his nap and started to feed him. He was acting very weird after about 5 minutes and really wasn't eating his bottle. I didn't know what was wrong with him so I burped him. Still wouldn't eat. Gave him some gas drops, just in case, and he still wouldn't eat. Then I realized that not ONE DROP of formula had come out of the bottle. Turned bottle upside down........nothing. Apparently I sterilized in a little bit to warm of water because the nipple was glued shut! What a dummy! Nothing that my earring couldn't fix but poor baby was sucking for like 15 minutes and not getting a thing! So, note to self, my child eats like a hog, if it appears he is not eating at all, something is preventing him from eating. Lesson learned.

The picture above makes me smile. Evans loves getting a bath at night and he has the cutest towels. It is just hard to keep the camera around all the time if it is just me watching him. I had to bring him upstairs and prop him up on my bed for this one. He is also in love with the swing that my sister and brother in law gave him. I've gotten lots of emails sent thanks to this swing.Saturday we had people over to watch football and made the first big pot of chili for the year. It was delicious (thanks Deaner!) and Ole Miss beat Kentucky so overall it was a good day. And I got to enjoy some adult beverages! Evans and Deaner dressed for the UVA v. FSU game. While UVA didn't fair very well, they still looked really cute dressed alike!I know that this is one random post but I picked out the pictures that I wanted to share and now I realize that they don't really flow very well. We tried Evans new jogging stroller this past weekend and he LOVES it. He loves being outside in general, which frightens me with the approaching weather that I know is coming, but we have been trying to enjoy as much time outside as possible. Sunday we took him up into the vineyards for a wine event you can tell how much he enjoyed it.Please don't freak that he isn't supposed to be in the BOB yet because he is too small. We aren't jogging him in it and we have a head support insert that keeps him steady. Plus, this version of the BOB reclines pretty far back so he is fine. Much better for him on the cobblestones than the Snap 'N Go which pretty much rattles his brain.

And last but not least I had to post the picture that makes me laugh every time I see it. I took this after a bath while he was playing on our bed. He just looks so goofy.Nice tongue Evans! Anyways, I have been trying to be better about blogging but it is hard. It is hard trying to decide between a nap (where I know I will never fall asleep) and playing on the computer. Maybe the computer will start winning more. We are taking Evans to Brugges, Belgium this weekend, then onto Brussels and then onto Mons and will be back on Thursday. Since I'll be stuck in a hotel Tuesday thru Thursday, perhaps I will have more time to blog!! Happy Thursday everyone!


susanne said...

That is the best baby EVER!!And a surprisingly good MOTHER, as well.

Susan said...

We had the same issue with the nipples after sterilizing them-ha ha!

Chubs said...

No more blogging?

N said...

Hi ,the baby is so cute.

And I like the final picture,it's funny !!!