Monday, September 27, 2010

Today In My Life

Today was an interesting day in my life.

1. Evans and I had our first arguement this morning. He wanted to wake up. I wanted to sleep. He won. I'm sure we will play again tomorrow.

2. I ran over my cup of coffee, which I left on the ground while opening the garage door, while backing the car out.

3. After retrieving my coffee, which was clearly in a travel cup of steel seeing as it didn't break OR even spill (God was watching out for me), I was about to pull out of the driveway before glancing up and seeing the front door still wide open with the stroller in the doorframe. At least the baby was in the car!

4. I had to get a new I.D. card on base because my name wasn't on it correctly. My new picture makes my face look ENOURMOUS. Why couldn't I just keep my old picture when I was skinny and not 5 weeks post partum?

5. I held Evans in my lap for 3 hours while I got highlights in my hair. Thankfully he was an ANGEL, pretty much as always.

6. We had a semi fussy afternoon but I managed not to lose my mind.

7. I bumped into a stroller and said "excuse me".

All and all, not so bad for my first day alone! Evans has now applied for his American birth certificate, passport and social security card. As of now, he is solely a German citizen. Got to get that fixed!! Almost time for bed! I'm exhausted!


Martin Lewis said...

I'm Martin and I've just started following your Blog.

I really like Number 1 on your list here. I thought it was quite funny in a way. Not you missing out on any sleep but the thought of you having a kind of playful argument to get you and Evan some sleep. Sounds like a daft thought of mine now I've written it down. lol.

Take care