Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi everyone! I just got all checked into the Marriott in Brussels and got my internet all hooked up. This day started out without much potential but it has steadily gotten better. We had to wake up really early this morning to head to Brussels and y'all know how I feel about waking up early! It rained most of the way here and I feel like this drive gets longer each time we do it! However, the stars seemed to align when we got here a bit early, found a parking spot on the street and got to eat PIZZA HUT BUFFET!!!!! (I just typed Pizza Butt Buffet and that would not have been as good!) I know it might seem like something small but trust me, this was big for us. And it tastes just like the in the States! The only downside is that the buffet is like $15 a person. We certainly did not care and completely gorged ourselves. Deaner even suggested going back for dinner but that was BEFORE we ingested pounds of pizza and had to roll ourselves home. It was SO good. I'm not sure what we are going to do tonight for dinner but Chi-Chi's might be calling my name. Pizza Hut and Mexican in the same day? It is almost too good to be true.
After getting checked into the hotel I was very surprised and VERY happy to see that MTV was working in Belgium (two weeks ago when we were here, it wasn't) and I was able to watch The Hills!!!! It is my secret flaky guilty pleasure. I can't get enough and if they had a 24 hour live feed, I'm pretty sure I would subscribe. Deaner always tells me that the show is so fake but I just don't care! I wish LC was still on because Kristin's voice really annoys me. And I just can't understand why anyone would want to date Justin because he is nasty! So, next up on my agenda is to watch The City. I don't love it as much as The Hills but it will do. My current beef with that show is that Whitney answers/comments on everything with a question. Example........

Someone: "That guy is so hot"!!!
Whitney: "I know, right"?
Someone: "This is the cutest dress"!
Whitney: "I know, right"??
Someone: "This party is so much fun"!
Whitney: "I know, right"??

You get the point. It just bugs me. Almost as much as it bothers me when someone asks where something "is at". UGH.

Anyways! I'm off to watch The City and then I will probably read until Deaner gets home from work. I'm so happy that tomorrow is Friday but wish we didn't have to ride all the way back to Germany! Deaner and I have hair appointments with Steph tomorrow and then we are having dinner at their place. I can't wait. I have to set this laptop up on the desk in the hotel room and there is a mirror right in front of me. I can hardly stand to look at my roots! Then on Saturday we are having some friends over for dinner and football watching. Should be a good weekend! If I can't write tomorrow y'all know why!! Happy Thursday!


KT said...

I am having a major issue with roots right now! I need to get my hair cut and colored SOON. I got a recommendation but since I don't drive, I have to wait until I can have access to the car...or now that I have Fridays off maybe I can drop my husband at work and get my hair done and pick him up later. I am scared to do that much driving though! I have driven all of 3 times since we moved here...


Jennifer said...

I am glad yall got a taste of American food! There is also a Pizza Hut in Heidelberg if y'all ever go there! I was so excited when we found it when I was in Germany! Have fun watching Mtv!

susanne said...

Glad you got your Pizza Hut fix!!

Amelia said...

Ugh- I just had the root problem and went back to being a brunette.... it only took 4 months to cut the long blonde hair and turn it brown... did I trick my husband?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you are getting to enjoy two of your favs-the hills and the pizza hut buffett!

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