Monday, February 18, 2013

Jealous? I Didn't Think So.....

As I was scrolling through Facebook today I couldn't help but notice all my friends who are currently in tropical locations.  My sister is lounging around the sandy white beaches of Mexico along with about 567 of my other friends.  So, I just wanted to post our weather forecast, here in Germany, for the next week.  Don't be jealous or anything.  Not everyone can live in a place that has such a stunning, low lying, steel gray cloud cover 98% of the time.  I suppose I should be feeling joy at the fact that I don't see any snow in this forecast but I don't really.  This is because despite my iPhone knowing just about all there is to know about everything, it never quite gets the weather right.  Last Friday we woke up to several inches of snow on the ground with no warning at all that it was coming.  But don't worry, this doesn't work the other way around.  There is virtually zero chance of this forecast being inaccurate the other way around.  There will be no sunshine this week.  Whilst it appears that half of the Facebook population is acquiring golden brown suntans I can only brag about the iridescent translucent glow that my skin is taking on.  It's pretty sad when I tell Evans it is time to leave for school and he looks at me and says "mittens, please Mama"?

So all you peeps sunning yourself in beautiful places.....good for y'all.  I'm not bitter.  I swear.  When I dream at night I am here....Lounging on a beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Or in Lake Como, Italy.....
Or in Rome.......
Or in Santorini......(I WAS there but I cannot show my seven month [at the time] pregnant face)
Or out in the middle of the mediterranean in Cyprus.
Dear God, I wouldn't mind waking up tomorrow in late May.  Thanks, Sarah