Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday? Seriously?

Does anyone else feel like this week has been draaaaaaging along at the pace of a snail? I sure do. Maybe it is because I FINALLY have a doctor's appointment on Monday after THREE LONG weeks of waiting in anticipation to find out if something is going on down there! It's just my luck that my doctor's office closed for weeks 34, 35, 36 and most of 37 of my pregnancy. That is something that would NEVER happen in the States but is quite common here in Germany. I got a pat on the knee and was told to keep swimming in my Country Club by my doctor while in the States I could have seen any number of partner's in the practice during these last few weeks. My only hope is that when I go on Monday my doctor will tell me just how much I have progressed in the last three weeks and then it will make the wait worth it! Fingers crossed!

Today has been a semi productive day. At least I didn't sit around the house all day. It is already 4:45 and I JUST sat down at my computer for the first time all day. I went and met Deaner for lunch this afternoon because both of us were feeling a bit anxious over the imminent arrival of our baby. The whole not knowing thing really puts me on edge. Deaner admitted this morning that he couldn't even sleep last night because he is feeling so anxious. I think we will both feel better once we see the doc on Monday. After lunch I ran by Steph's house to borrow book #4 in the Harper Connelly series by Charlaine Harris.Harris is the author of the popular Sookie Stackhouse series, which the HBO show True Blood is based on, and since I am done with the Stackhouse series it was time to try another one. I am really enjoying the Connelly series! They are not about vampires and while I know that they hold no literary value whatsoever, they are quite enjoyable and I am almost on the last book already. I really hate series that only have 4 books in them! Guess I'll just have to wait for more. Fortunately for me, Harris writes two other series (Lily Bard and Aurora Teagarten) that I am interested in reading but I just have to wait until I can justify buying them all at once off Barnes and Noble. These books are quick reads and highly entertaining. I would recommend them to anyone seeking mindless beach reads!

On my way home from Steph's I had a bit of an experience. In Germany you really should never be driving in the left hand lane on the Autobahn unless you are traveling at the speed of light. This mainly applies when you are on the open road and I don't pay AS MUCH attention to it when I am inside the city limits because there actually is a speed limit. Well today I was on my way home (driving in the left hand lane) when I noticed a silver Mercedes bearing down on me quickly. I barely managed to get over into the right lane before this car drove straight up my tailpipe. As the car flew past me I was shocked to see that the person driving it was a little old lady, who could not have been a day under 85, and who could BARELY see over the dash of the car. A little scary if you ask me. I continued to watch her as she nearly rammed about 3 other drivers in her quest to get somewhere VERY quickly! After I got home (in one piece)I worked on Evans' baby book for a little bit since my shutterfly pictures arrived. It is going to be the cutest baby book ever. I hope I have as much devotion to a second child's book as I have to this one. Otherwise it is going to be VERY unfair! :)

Now I'm on the couch and about to start reading again. The veggies and meat are chopped for our stir fry dinner and in the fridge. I have about an hour to chill before Deaner gets home from the gym and I'm ready to relax! I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday and that next week goes by a little faster!!!


Jennifer said...

I agree that the week seems to be DRAGGING! I am so ready for work and I can sleep in!